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Workin' Girl

Today was my first real day of work, although I only worked 3 hours and some minutes. There was only me and a manager there and she was real cool and patient teaching me everything. I clocked in, I rung up some people, cleaned up a huge lotion-y mess when someone dropped a glass bottle, helped people find some things, got on ladders to reach things that were very high up, swept, collected trash, stocked some things, aaaand clocked out. Whee! Work!

I have a call-in on, I think, Saturday. I'm supposed to call in a couple of hours before my shift and see if they need me. I'm hoping they do because it's from like, 10:15 - 5:30 or something and I could use the money! But who knows. So far, I'm liking it. It was a little overwhelming going in because I haven't worked in 3 years and this is different than BP. BP sucked. Hard.

Bath and Body Works doesn't suck. At all. I mean, I did have to witness product being thrown away because it was unsellable and that was sad. I would have used it! But she said that some associates brought it back in and got credit for it or something. I dunno. Such a waste. I hate waste. It reminds me of Carlo's Bakery. I watch them throw all them cake scraps in the trash and it just about eats me alive.

Anywho, I'm probably going to go to bed soon. Kinda tired. So ta ta folks!

P.S. - I'm kind of excited I can use my "work" tag now. WHEE!
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