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Well, today has sucked.

I worked tonight from 6:30-9:30. Except it was from 6-9:30. I walked in at 6:22 (I'm always early) and everyone was like, "There you are!" And then they told me I was supposed to be there at 6. So I felt really bad because I'm never late. Fail.

Work went good as usual. After work, I got McDonald's and it was good too. So far, not such a bad day.

But on my way home from work, I hit (and killed) a rabbit. He darted out right in front of me and I couldn't do anything. I always thought that I'd be able to avoid something like this from happening. But I couldn't.

I turned the car around and he was still alive - trying to get up and run away. After a couple of minutes, he died. I moved him to the shoulder and cried all the way home.

I'm horribly upset. I've never killed anything. I totally failed today.
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Wow. Long time no see!

I haven't posted in forever. EPIC FAIL.

Anyway. I guess I'll just run through what's been going on.

First - I'm still working at Bath and Body Works. I absolutely love it there, although since the holidays I haven't been getting many hours. Maybe 3 hours twice a week. At most. I did work 8 hours last Sunday though, so whee.

Second - I've grown my nails out again, which I am supremely excited about. However, I am now becoming scarily obsessed with nail polish. I think I might need some help. Especially since lack of hours = less money to buy pretty things with.

Third - I got Mass Effect 3 the day it came out and have since beaten it. Lots of people are mad about the ending, but I am pretty neutral about it. I wish it didn't end like it did, but I'm glad to have it to play again.

Fourth - I don't think I posted about this here, but I found a white dog with black spots in December. His name is Dexter. I have been unsuccessful in finding him a forever home. He's about 20 lbs and cute, although neurotic. A couple - maybe 3 weeks ago - he got into a fight with David, who is 70 lbs. And David almost killed Dexter. So that was fun. We had to take him to the vet after hours and just to get him seen was $130. He had to have surgery. He got fixed. He needed antibiotics and pain meds. So this little dog cost us about $400 because he's got LDS or Little Dog Syndrome.

But he's doing great. The day we brought him home, he wanted to play with Princess like nothing had happened. And he even wanted to go play with David. And while it has been a while, we're not taking the chance that they'll get into it again. So he's driving us crazy because he used to play with Raine (who is David's BFF) and they'd play for hours and now he has all this pent up energy and yeah. He's driving us mad. But I'm glad he's alive and kicking. So glad.

Fifth - College is in the air, and I don't know what I'm gonna do. Ah, uncertainty. How I haven't missed thee. But whatever. Maybe I'll go next year. Or this year. Or whatever.

I think that's all that has been going on. At least, the basic gist of it. I am alive and well, so hopefully I'll get back on this LJ beesnus and post some more. So for now, TA TA!
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Workin' Girl

Today was my first real day of work, although I only worked 3 hours and some minutes. There was only me and a manager there and she was real cool and patient teaching me everything. I clocked in, I rung up some people, cleaned up a huge lotion-y mess when someone dropped a glass bottle, helped people find some things, got on ladders to reach things that were very high up, swept, collected trash, stocked some things, aaaand clocked out. Whee! Work!

I have a call-in on, I think, Saturday. I'm supposed to call in a couple of hours before my shift and see if they need me. I'm hoping they do because it's from like, 10:15 - 5:30 or something and I could use the money! But who knows. So far, I'm liking it. It was a little overwhelming going in because I haven't worked in 3 years and this is different than BP. BP sucked. Hard.

Bath and Body Works doesn't suck. At all. I mean, I did have to witness product being thrown away because it was unsellable and that was sad. I would have used it! But she said that some associates brought it back in and got credit for it or something. I dunno. Such a waste. I hate waste. It reminds me of Carlo's Bakery. I watch them throw all them cake scraps in the trash and it just about eats me alive.

Anywho, I'm probably going to go to bed soon. Kinda tired. So ta ta folks!

P.S. - I'm kind of excited I can use my "work" tag now. WHEE!
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SPN Season 7 Episode 2

Everyone's posting about it on Tumblr and making me relive it, so all I have to say is this:


I will not, cannot, and am not gonna believe it. So there.

Art made by: saikederikku on Tumblr.
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*is a winner*

I found out today that I got the job at Bath and Body Works. I start next Thursday. I'm so excited about it. This is my first job in 3 years and the only time I've ever been called for an interview. I'm just happy I'm going to be working for a company that I love. :)
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Bad Period!

Well, I'm finally starting to feel better on day 3 of my worst period in recent memory. Yesterday about killed me. Felt lightheaded and very weak, along with some of the suckiest cramps I've had to date. My period has officially kicked my ass this time around.

I looked it up online last night, and I might have an iron deficiency. If I do, I've known for a while. Because I couldn't give blood in my senior year of HS because of low iron. But what are you gonna do? Mom says I need to get checked out and whatnot. I'm thinking it's gonna be alright cuz it's only happened this one time. I guess we'll see next month about it. I probably should get bloodwork done and such. Maybe I'll make an appointment.

I just had a baked potato with a side of carrots with green goddess salad dressing. Yum. I <3 carrots. As long as there's something to dip them in. Like ranch or green goddess salad dressing. Which is some of the tastiest dressing I've ever had. Haven't tried it on salad yet. Maybe I'll do that one day.

I've been (very impatiently) waiting for Wednesday. I just want to know if I've got the job already. I wish she would have pulled me aside after the group interview and said "You're hired!". That would have made me very happy. But I have to wait. Boo hoo.

Anyway. that's all I have to post about for now. Ta ta!
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A Woot Woot and a Whee Whee

Well, got a couple of exciting tidbits to post about.

Today me, my mom, and my brother ate at Ruby Tuesdays. It was really good.

After Ruby Tuesdays, I had an interview with Bath and Body Works. It was a group interview, and there were three other women there, but the manager said they were going to be filling 17 spots so I'm hoping I get at least one of those spots. And they all know me because I go in there, like, once a week. So there's that. It would be a seasonal job, but I'm hoping I get to stay on longer. Because I WANT to work there. The other girls there that were being interviewed with me only wanted the job because it was a job. I love B&BW. So I better get it.

While I was there, I picked up a few things. Shame. I really love two of their new Fall scents. One is Sparkling Berry Bliss and the other one is Cozy Autumn Vanilla. So I got two little lotions and a little spray since it was 3 for $10. And then I came back with my sister and she got me a big candle. It's Cranberry Pear Bellini and it smells gooooood. And then my granny got me a cute little pink pocketbac holder with fuscia heart rhinestones all over it. I love it. I was a big mooch today, but hopefully I won't be one for much longer. I will know next Wednesday what was decided. I really hope I get it. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I think that's about it. But it's a big it, so I posted about it. I post about little things, so it's time for a not so little thing. I will make a post next Wednesday! Or sooner if something else exciting happens. :)
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I haven't made a post in forever. So here it is!

I bought SPN season 6 and The Mentalist season 1 at Best Buy today with a gift card that we got for buying my brother an X-Box, so for both of those seasons, we paid $12. Pretty good, I think. I haven't even seen the last few episodes of season 6, but now I can. And I got a free SPN t-shirt for buying it at Best Buy. Whee.

Got a cute red plaid bag at Staples to carry things in. Like when I go to ATL with Kim. In a little over a month. We're going to the Vampire Diaries convention. So I'm excited and am already mentally packing. I also got a cute cow shaped flash drive at Staples. Yay, Staples.

Meanwhile, I've been tired all day. I'm barely awake typing this up. And when Alyssa is tired, Alyssa is cranky. I'm also extremely jealous of Princess right now, who is asleep and snoring on the couch. I'm trying to stay in a "normal" sleep schedule. It's just so easy to get into my sleep schedule. Which is not normal.

Hm. I think this is gonna have to be half a post. I'm too tired to continue! I'm going to go make some coffee or something. Or maybe take a nap.